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27th-Feb-2011 07:47 pm - Mini Fic Exchange!
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911
Welcome to [info]gleearchive's first mini fic exchange!
This will work similarly to a kink meme, basically. You copy the below form into a comment, fill it out and then people respond to your comment with a fic. Simple, no?

There are a few more details. "Sign ups", as such, are open for the duration of the exchange. Filling is only allowed after they have been open for a week. The entire thing, all together, will last three weeks. Here's a schedule, if that explanation didn't make sense.

Exchange opens: 27th February.
Posting starts: 6th March.
Exchange closes: 20th March.

This week long period where posting is not allowed is just to try and ensure people who are "later" are more likely to get fills too :) You're more than welcome to start writing during that week, but you may not post your fills until the 6th. There are two requirements for these fics. They're 500 words or longer, and they're posted to gleefic AS WELL AS HERE. How you post it here is up to you. You can C/P in a reply to the requesters comment, you can post it on your lj/on gleefic and link it in response to the posters comment...Whatever.

Naturally, all your fics must be based in or around the Glee fandom (aka, RPF is allowed). Any ratings are allowed. Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns/issues, I'll be turning comment notifications off.

Please pimp this far and wide bbs~ The more people we get interested, the more fics. That's good, right?

Please comment with this form:

27th-Feb-2011 03:00 pm - Rules
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911
1. The major rule is don't be a douche. Treat others as you want to be treated. Homophobia, racism, sexism, character bashing...all of these are bannable offenses. Use them as a guideline as to what other behavior is acceptable. Remember that offenses here could carry over onto gleefic.
2. Think before posting. Use common sense.
3. Read posts! All important posts will have vital information. Don't just skip over it because words are hard.

That's pretty much it. Any new rules will be posted to the community when added here, so don't worry about me springing them on you.
27th-Feb-2011 02:54 pm - About gleearchive & FAQ
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911
What is gleearchive?
Gleearchive is an on-LJ extension of gleefic. It will host small contests and other writing related things to participate in :)


Is gleearchive affiliated with Glee Fic?
Technically, yes. We're a part of the Glee Fic "family" as such, as we are simply an extra "part" of the website.

Can I post fic here?
No, that's what Glee Fic is there for. This comm is for many things, including inspiring you to write fic.

Can anyone post? What can I post?
Posting is moderated, but you may post certain things. You may post writing discussions or ask for help with writing. All contests, games, social posts etc will be posted by etacanis .

Are there prizes?

Yes! Nothing fancy, but there will always be prizes for winners of the contest :)

What sort of activities will there be?
Small fiction contests, small exchanges, one sentence comment stories...and plenty more! :)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments :)
26th-Feb-2011 03:11 pm - Contact-A-Mod!
{Teen Wolf} - Call 911
You can always contact me by PM, but sometimes that's a hassle :) If you need anything, just comment here and I'll get back to you ASAP. Comments are screened.
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